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"Essay on the Banking Concept of Education"
Essay on the Banking Concept of Education
Adriana Alvarez
In Paulo Freire's "The "Banking' Concept of Education", Freire uses the concept of education to convey his views of reality. In addition, in addressing education, Freire is also conveying ideas with regards to a broader scope. The "banking" concept is still relevant in the society today. In fact, I can still reminisce on all of the classes I have had where the "banking" concept play a large role in the teaching of the materials. To further understand this concept that Freire has created, one must look into the text for more information.

The concrete message behind "The "Banking' Concept of Education" is "the students are the depositories and the teacher is the depositor" (Freire 260). This means that teachers put knowledge and information out for the students to memorize and recall and the students take this information and store it in their heads without really knowing the importance of the information they have just been given. Freire sees the teacher as the narrator whereas the students are "patient, listening objects" (259). In choosing the word "narrator", Freire gives a story-like persona to the art of teaching. Diving into this work even deeper, Freire finds that the teacher manipulates the students' sense of reality. "It follows logically from the banking notion of consciousness that the educator's role is to regulate the way the world "enters into' the students" (263). Education is a limit on the free thinking mind and how it perceives the world. Instead of forming their own views and perspective on the world around them, students are told exactly how to see the world and how to interpret the world. "For the more the oppressed can be led to adapt to that situation, the more easily they can be dominated" (261). This sentence has an obvious intent towards manipulation. The...

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