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"Essays on Bluetooth Technology"
Essays on Bluetooth Technology
Chad Boger
Essays on Bluetooth Technology6 Looking after your teeth

By the way if, you're wondering where the Bluetooth name originally came from, it named after a Danish Viking and King, Harald Blåtand (translated as Bluetooth in English), who lived in the latter part of the 10th century. Harald Blåtand united and controlled Denmark and Norway (hence the inspiration on the name: uniting devices through Bluetooth). He got his name from his very dark hair which was unusual for Vikings, Blåtand means dark complexion. However a more popular, (but less likely reason), was that Old Harald had a inclination towards eating Blueberries , so much so his teeth became stained with the colour, leaving Harald with a rather unique set of molars. And you thought your teeth were bad...


This paper discusses what is Bluetooth and where it got its name from. It shows how in 1984 Ericsson Corporation began a study to examine radio links as an alternatives to the cables that linked its mobile phones with accessories. Out of this study came the specifications for Bluetooth wireless technology which means one no longer needs to connect, plug into, install, enable or configure the device settings . The paper describes the technology used, the IEEE standards utilized with Bluetooth, regulation of Bluetooth, its develoment and possible risks of utilizing Bluetooth.

From The Paper

"The Bluetooth Special Interest Group, or SIG, is a group of companies working together to promote and define the Bluetooth specifications. The Bluetooth SIG was founded by five companies to develop the Bluetooth concept as a viable wireless technology standard. The companies are Ericsson, Intel, IBM, Toshiba and Nokia. Other companies like Microsoft, Lucent, 3Com and Motorola later joined the Bluetooth SIG. To date, more than 1,500 companies have joined this group and the specifications are developed, published and promoted by the...

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