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"Eukaroyte Cell"
Eukaroyte Cell
Carlos Hernandez
Chapter 6 Unit III Eukaroyte Cell

1. bulk transport--- eukaroytes have it.

2. cell receptor---binds to other molecules.

3. endocytosis---engulfs a large molecule.

4. endoplasmic reticulum—for the translation of proteins.

5. Exocytosis--- secretes whole antibody molecules.

6 .Golgi apparatus--- for packaging materials to be secreted.

7 ligand--- any type molecule that a receptor binds to.

8. lysosomes---digestive organelles filled with toxic chemicals and degradative enzymes.

9. mitchondria--- for energy production.

10. Nuclei---the defining characteristics of a eukaryotic.

11. Phagocytes-- group of white blood cells that travel to all parts of the body to clean up any problems.

12. Phagocytosis- cell eating also useful for ridding the cell of debris.

13. Pseudopodia-- false foot.

14. Vacuoles—for food or other storage.

15. Vesicle—small membrane sac and is formed by the cell receptor binding to a ligand( is the general term for any type of molecule that a receptor binds to....

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