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"Examination of Sexism in Society"
Examination of Sexism in Society
Don't you think it's about time women are treated equally to men? Women are treated unjustly all over the world, even in the United States, but isn't the U.S. looked upon as the epitome of freedom and equality? The constitution states that all people are treated equal and it is against the law to be discriminative. Even so, women in the United States are looked upon as inferior to men. Everyone has heard million of times that women are equal to men and sexism isn't a part of our society anymore, but it is. Women are harassed and discriminated everyday and we just deal with it. Isn't it time for women to demand the same respect and opportunities as men?

Sexism is everywhere, but the most common place is at work. Have you ever noticed that women don't have as high job positions that men do? We aren't given as many chances in jobs, raises, and wages like men are. An example of this is our government. There aren't half as many female representatives as there are males. Even if a woman is as able or skilled as a man is, chances are the man will get picked and paid better. Wages and job positions aren't the only acts of sexism and discrimination committed in the workplace; harassment is also a problem. Females are verbally and sexually harassed by fellow male workers and rarely is anything done about it.

School is another place where sexism and discrimination is an issue. The administration usually isn't very sexist, but the males attending that school are. There is verbal abuse and sexual harassment, but everyone thinks it's all in fun. Most teenagers go along with it, without even knowing its discrimination. Even if anything is reported to the administration, nothing is done about it. Whoever...

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essay on Examination of Sexism in Society
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