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"Facing Challenges have/has many benefits for the individual/s."
Facing Challenges have/has many benefits for the individual/s.
John Mayes
In the novel 'Came back to show you I could fly' both the main characters prove that facing challenges have/has many benefits for the individual/s. By facing challenges self esteem and confidence is boosted, and an end result of overall happiness and well being is achieved. However, it takes a lot to overcome fears and anxiety to achieve confidence and often heartache and pain comes before overall happiness.

Facing a challenge often results in a definite increase in self-esteem and a boost of confidence. In the book 'Came back to show you I could fly' the eleven-year-old boy Seymour shows this continually. He makes friends with the wild Angie. Angie is a challenge to deal with. She insists they go out or do wild things often against the reserved Seymours better judgement. He has already been forbidden from going out and yet he goes, constantly worrying and fretting about rules and regulations. This however changes throughout the book, a different Seymour emerges a more fearless unafraid to stand up for himself Seymour. By facing the challenge of Angie and leaving the house Seymour gains confidence in himself.

Not only that but through the book as his friendship with Angie grows so does his self-esteem. Before, he could never make friends, now he has this wonderful person who wants to be his friend and listen to what he has to say. Therefore by taking up the challenge of working for a friendship with Angie he is given a friend who tells him he is interesting and who likes to be around him. His self esteem soars.

On the other hand, to actually disobey the rule of not leaving the house took a lot. Seymour's anxiety and panic kicked in. His decision to leave the house was automatically regretted. Not only that he also had...

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"Facing Challenges have/has many benefits for the individual/s.." Aug 21, 2018
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essay on Facing Challenges have/has many benefits for the individual/s.
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