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"Favorite School Subject"
Favorite School Subject
William Katz
During freshman year at Naples High, many intriguing and developing classes were taken to start off a great year. Some classes included Geometry, Personal Fitness, and a wide variety of other classes, but English was best. Some reasons English was a great occurrence include a rigorous curriculum, mind-building experience, and finally, an extraordinary teacher.

During English 1 Honors, novels were read, poetry was written, and book reports were read out loud for other students to hear and enjoy. "A Midsummer Night's Dream," "The Old Man and the Sea," and "Lord of the Flies," were read by students to better enhance language skills. During one great day in English, students made PowerPoint presentations to display on a large computer monitor readable by all, so that humor would be made apparent, inside deep personal emotion. If only opportunity gave people another chance to repeat humor, English is where to go in order to find it.

On one beautiful day during second semester English, students were given a chance to sit outside and read assigned novels at picnic tables outside a window overlooking interested students. One innocent group was brought back inside because of excessive noise, which was obviously a false statement. English is a wonderful place to spend freshman year.

A teacher so glorious could only be named Ms. Bender, called by some intellectual students, "A most well respected and influential teacher to teach English 1 Honors in Building 8." One should be proud to say when thinking of Ms. Bender, words cannot explain how much pride and glory goes into ones heart over quite a tremendous homework load assigned by such a beautiful princess. Some children love nothing more than writing a 4 page paper on why actors in an old "Lord of The Files," movie talked so slowly.

After not knowing of such a...

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