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"Finding the Will Power Essay Sample"
Finding the Will Power Essay Sample
Alyscia Yellowman
In every great literary work, there is a symbolic element, and irony, making the author's message more tangible and realistic. As we compare the novels, Sophie's World, Moby Dick, and East of Eden, we start to see two respective themes in common that the author expresses. One of which, is freewill, the power of choice and the other good vs. evil. As the drama increases, we start to see that both themes become interdependent of one another. In the three novels, these are in fact the two major themes that lead to the climatic scenes.

In the novel, Sophie's World, Gaarder (the author) incorporates literature, history and philosophy together. Sophie Amundson, who is the protagonist of the book, becomes enlightened with philosophical schooling through the mail by a man name, Alberto Knag. Although when reading this book, you then start to realize that Sophie Amundson wasn't an ordinary character. In fact she wasn't real. Albert Knox, a real character in the book, made Sophie up to enlighten his daughter, Hilde with the questions of life. Even though his intentions were genuinely good, he represents the evil of the book in Sophie's World, whereas Sophie represents the good. Albert Knag is writing Sophie's life. He basically controls her mentality, and her physical well-being, yet he isn't god. In reality the only freedom that Sophie has is what Alberto allows. Yet, despite the fact that Sophie is a figment of Alberto's imagination, she's still able to break free from her fate and exercise some of her own thoughts as well.

In the novel Moby Dick, the narrator, Ishmael tells the story of his adventures whaling with a rather odd and diverse crew. The good and the evil vary in this book because there are so many comparisons. One that caught my eye was when...

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