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When creating life; becomes your own demise

In the film Frankenstein directed by James Whale, the main character, scientist Henry Frankenstein try's to play god in creating a life that turns out to almost kill him. The scientist goes to great lengths to complete his experiment, realizing too late that there are consequences for interfering with the laws of nature. He undeniably brings to life a most unnatural monster and flees in terror from the being that he himself has created. Feeling no responsibility to comfort the creature in any way, he instead wishes to completely abandon it and to forget that it even exists, leaving the monster to struggle alone in a world where it clearly does not belong. For people who haven't seen the entire movie they might wonder: is it really any wonder that his creation becomes slightly enraged at his abandonment and seeks to create for Frankenstein, his creator, a life equal to his own in misery and isolation?

The beginning of the film starts out by a tuxedoed gentlemen stepping out from behind a curtain and delivering a friendly warning to the audience, that what they are about to see "may shock them" or even "horrify them." Then after the credits play, the film begins with the scene of a group of people mourning the death of someone. Frankenstein and his assistant Fritz, are hiding about to steal the newly buried fresh corpse for an experiment that Henry is conducting on the secrets of life. After digging up the body Henry sends his assistant Frit to his old medical school to steal a brain. Upon stumbling upon two brains that read normal brain and abnormal brain, Fritz happens to take the normal brain. Then he accidentally falls dropping the brain to the floor, forcing him...

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essay on Frankenstein
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