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"Free Online English Essay Example"
Free Online English Essay Example
Alyscia Yellowman
"all men are created equal" What did Jefferson really mean by this because everyone did not get treated equal

The line "all men are created equal" is perhaps the most famous line in American history, from one of the most famous documents that made it possible for American history, from The Declaration of Independence.

Today the line refers to anyone in America, including African Americans, Native Americans, and women. Two- hundred years ago, when the Declaration was written, the only people who were treated equal were white men, the ones who wrote it (Thomas Jefferson...) I believe that when Jefferson and his committee wrote the Declaration they meant that all men are created equally better than everyone else.

Everyone thought that the Declaration of Independence included everyone in America, but they saw different after women weren't even given the right to vote. Not being able to vote is like not being able to choose who you marry. Women were not given the right to vote until Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote the Declaration of Womens Rights and motivated women to start fighting for their rights and in 1919 Congress finally gave them the right to vote. Now women were feeling more involved and equal.

There was no effective law on freeing enslaved African Americans until 1862. In 1862 President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation which declared freedom for enslaved persons in parts of the Confederacy not under control of the Union Army.

Everyone was not treated completely equal until the 1900s. Today everyone in the United States has the same rights and the same freedom. The line "all men are created equal" has never before meant what it does today....

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