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"Free Online Essay Analysis"
Free Online Essay Analysis
Rebecca Wyant
The narrative writing prompts that I have completed were composed for practice to improve my writing. First, I had to write on the topics that I was given. Then, by completing the prompts, I received scores to find out where my problem areas were. Now I am going to analyze these areas and find methods I can use to improve my skills in them. Subsequently, I am enhancing my writing. I have chosen to analyze three weak areas of my writing and give techniques that I can use to improve my writing. On each prompt, there were five categories that I was scored in: focus, content, organization, style, and conventions. Each of these areas is an essential part of writing. They enable the essay to be read easily, and they help the reader to better understand the concept of the writing. The three main categories I found that I needed to improve in were content, style, and organization. I determined these weak areas by adding my scores together in each category from each of the five essays, and the sections with the lowest scores were the ones that I chose to evaluate. The first area I need to improve is content.

Content is the presence of ideas developed through facts, examples, anecdotes, details, opinions, statistics, reasons, and explanations. Content is an imperative part of writing, and I need to improve my proficiency in this category. After reviewing each of the five narrative essays, I realized that if I did not enjoy or had problems writing about the topic of the prompt I lacked sufficient content. I found this to be true because the writings that I received all of the possible points for content were essays that I enjoyed writing. Adding all of my scores together for this category, I received...

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essay on Free Online Essay Analysis
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HI. Who can do my essay on Free Online Essay Analysis
Career Project
Being in this class has really helped me get ready for what’s to come in life. I have learned that I am impatient and unable to focus at times but when I am able to focus I can really get things done. I have learned that I work better in groups than I do solo. This semester has showed me what I value in life. I know that people are here to help me learn. I find honesty important because without it there is nothing. This class has made it clear that everyone has the potential to get things done. This class has made me look at myself from another prospective. I am in college because I want to do something with my life and get a good job. I like getting help in areas I don’t understand. I often have trouble on certain things and I’ll hardly ever ask for help because I’m shy. I have learned that when I want something in life that I have to work to get it. Staying focused is one of my biggest problems that I am trying to fix. People say that my personality is very bubbly. I am very outgoing and a naturally happy person.
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