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"Gender Stereotyping Essay Sample"
Gender Stereotyping Essay Sample
John Mayes
"I don't mind living in a man's world as long as I'm a woman in it." This famous quote from Marilyn Munro is a true reflection of our world; "a man's world". Media has created perpetual gender stereotypes. Unfortunately these stereotypes are immoral expectations of the people in the modern world. There are three major scenarios being depicted by media. These being, woman are seen as sex objects, woman are made to be inferior, and creating a so-called ideal Barbie-type woman. Each scenario will be discussed.

In the case of woman being sex objects it is so common that it seems to be the normality. Most averts display women half naked with seductive expressions on their faces. A good example of this is the Wonderbra advert found in many women magazines. The focus of the picture is of the enhanced breasts. The woman stares at the reader seductively with pouty, red lips. Is this not an invitation to allow the male mind to wonder? This example is one of many more adverts that portray women as sexual objects.

Women are continuously portrayed as inferior to the male species. In adverts that show a family situation, the man is always the domineering character. Women are placed below men when it comes to status. Some adverts use parody by having the man cooking or looking after the children yet of course he appears stressed and out of place suggesting that it is not the norm. According to research it is said that in business situations the woman is visually always looking up towards the man, which shows her as inferior.

In every monthly issue of popular women magazines there are articles on how to lose weight, improve your sex life, what to wear and look better. The media is creating a stereotypical woman. Media is...

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