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"Genetically Modified Food- Advantages"
Genetically Modified Food- Advantages
Alyscia Yellowman
Genetically Modified Food

- Advantages

Genetically Modified (GM) food has received a lot of flack from interest groups in the last few years, but I don't think that it is as bad as some claim it to be. For some, GM foods are thought to be harmful.

What foods are potentially dangerous and what are the risks? I think that from a biologist point of view, that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Today, genetically engineered food is at the centre of the controversy.

First, one must understand that plants can be modified in many ways and that the practice of changing our food's DNA is not new. Historically, people have been altering crops by choosing seeds from plants with desired characteristics for a long time.

Likewise, plant breeders can and have been creating hybrids by crossing crops with wild relatives of the same family. This process also is not new; it uses simple pollen/embryo manipulation and can improve specific plant properties. Wide crosses, though, do not occur in nature, even with human intervention. There are boundaries that prohibit such mutations. One can't mix a mouse with an elephant, for instance.

Genetic engineering allows geneticists to strengthen many organic food attributes. Here are what I think are a few advantages of genetic engineering.

¨ Herbicides last longer

Herbicides are both expensive and harmful to the environment but necessary to ensure that weeds do not weaken crops. Through genetic engineering, plants can be designed to resist powerful herbicide. This reduces the amount of herbicide needed to get the job done, and so is less harmful to the environment, because fewer harmful herbicides are used.

¨ Weather tolerance

Destruction brought on by frost costs the agricultural industry substantial sums each year. Genes from cold-water fish have been added to tobacco and potatoes to increase their resistance to cold temperature. This saves money and time....

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