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"Going Grey"
Going Grey
Rainey Day
The course of life is dependant on the decisions a person makes, whether to trust or mistrust a person can be one of the most crucial decisions a person will make in his lifetime. Andy Rooney has made the assertion that our society can, and would not exist without unwritten contracts of trust between the people that make up our country. He states that there are contracts of trust in all aspects of society; this statement could be true, if Mr. Rooney had stated it fifty years ago. In this modern age, it has been proven repeatedly that the people who were once trusted can no longer be trusted. Mr. Rooney's assertion of those unwritten contracts is now outdated; those contracts of trust continue to be broken in today's society, leading to distrust among these groups of people.

It is true of course, that America's economic success can be chiefly attributed to our large corporations and the success of the stock market and that trust relationships were what the stock market was founded upon. When a new company is formed, or incorporated, it establishes a set amount of stock, which is worth about as much as the paper it's printed on. This is where the new corporation must convince prospective investors to buy their stock. These investors trusted that their money would be put to good use in several things including research, expansion, or in this case to help a company build itself from the ground up. These investors trusted that their money would be used to benefit the company so that the worth of the company could increase and the stock would be of more worth towards the investor. This is the way it started, and there was a strong and working trust relationship between corporation and investor. Now however,...

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"Going Grey." Sep 24, 2018
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