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"Hamilton Vs Jefferson"
Hamilton Vs Jefferson
Ryan Wilkins
I enjoyed a night of dinner, drinks, and heated discussion with two of America's founding fathers. I sat and listened to Alexander Hamilton argue his plan for a manufacturing society fueled by a strong national government. On the other hand, Thomas Jefferson defended states' rights and the preservation of agrarian life. Both men spoke passionately and proved in the end they were more alike than different.

Government was our first topic of the night. Hamilton took center stage with a moving plea for a strong federal government. Hamilton expressed a government ran by the elite, since they were not as easily swayed. He spoke of a government that would not be weak to invasion or internal conflicts. A nation without power leads to anarchy. The government should make laws with penalties(consequences) enforced by the military or courts. One Government, One Power! He went on to say, when several states come together, like in the Articles of Confederation, the struggle for ultimate power becomes a major problem. He strongly believed that this problem would lead to failure.

Before I could say Amen and Hallelujah, Jefferson had started his rebuttal. He didn't believe in emulating the British like Hamilton, especially after the Revolutionary War. Each state should have its own power. He disagreed with leaving the elites in power even though he, himself, was an elite. Jefferson felt that the nation's interest would not be first priority compared to the interest of the elite's. Since, Jefferson was a strict constructionist, he believed the government could only enforce the Constitution, nothing more and nothing less.

It was clear to me. It would not be easy choosing a side. The Economy was next on my list of questions. Alexander Hamilton wanted to turn America into an industrialized society from an agricultural one. A society that would rival...

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