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"Hamlet:A Book Review"
Hamlet:A Book Review
Darren McCutchen

Hamlet by William Shakespeare is a very tragic story. It is one that has stood the test of time. I thoroughly enjoyed this book for many reasons. First being that the reader was able to see inside the characters head especially Prince Hamlet. Shakespeare allowed you to see the process by which Hamlet's madness developed. This was very important because you are able to better understand his actions.Secondly the story is a timeless piece because the events that occur due to emotions still happen today. People will always be jealous , revengeful and people will always love.

The tragic tale of Prince Hamlet will make a lasting impression after reading it. From the opening scene it is tragic; it all begins with his father's death followed quickly by his mother's marriage to his uncle who has assumed the throne. Hamlet already overcome with grief and to make matters worse he is now seeing his father's ghost. His father then proceeds to tell him that his uncle murdered him. This is the start of the madness. Hamlet shuns Ophelia his true love , murders her father accidentally which then leads to Ophelia's suicide. He then decides to produce a play which replays his fathers murder proving that Uncle Claudius is guilty therefore justifying Hamlet's plot to kill him. The story then proceeds with Claudius plotting to kill Hamlet also.This is where Ophelia's brother Laertes comes into play. Being very much in Hamlet's position Laertes wants to avenge his father's death which means killing Hamlet.So he and Claudius hatch a plot to kill Hamlet with a poisoned drink or by a poisoned sword. So the duel takes place between Hamlet and Laertes which ends in Laertes death but not before he poisoned Hamlet with the sword. This is not the end though ,...

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