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"Harry Truman"
Harry Truman
Sheryl Hogges
Harry Truman was the 33rd President of the United States. His political career began 1934,

when, eager to move higher in politics, Truman accepted request that he seek a seat in the Senate.

His support of President Roosevelt's NEW DEAL policies as well as his foreign affair issues

contributed to his status as a contender. He considered military power to be of great importance,

and, after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, blamed the "pacifists" and the "isolationists."

During the war, he worked for the creation of an international organization to preserve peace.

Truman's new prestige plus his ability to get along with all sides in his party made him a candidate

for the Democratic vice presidential nomination in 1944. President Franklin Roosevelt, had been

unhappy with his previous running mate, and considering a run for a fourth term, needed someone

he could work with. Roosevelt persuaded Truman to run with him. Truman defeated Wallace for

the nomination on the second ballot at the Democratic National Convention. The ticket was

elected. Roosevelt died on April 12, 1945,and Truman became President.

His first job was in International Relations in a Post Wold War II world. Truman worked

for the the plans for the unconditional surrender of Germany, which came on May 8, and the

establishment of the United Nations. It was his decision to use the Atom Bomb against Japan .It

was his thinking that it would bring a total end to World War II. He became known for: the

Truman Doctrine when in 1947 as the Soviet Union pressured Turkey to take over Greece, he

asked Congress to grant aid to Greece and Turkey; the Marshall Plan, in which American

economic aid was used to stimulate the recovery of European economies not under the influence

of the Soviet Union; the Berlin airlift, designed to help the Berliners when the Soviets occupied

the city; and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization,(NATO) the nation's...

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