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""hell below deck""
"hell below deck"
Arianna Escobar
When the assignment was given out on Hell Below Deck, I had no previous knowledge about this topic. As I was reading the information about two months ago, I was totally taken back at how horribly the slaves were treated. To experience the kind of pain and suffering they went through, I am sure it was unbearable. Half way through the reading, I caught my self with my mouth slightly open and in disbelief of the type of treatment they received. I was disgusted with the unsanitary conditions of the ship and how inhumane the crew members were. Not to mention how many slaves were packed on the ships. They would crammed hundred of slaves and make them pill on top on of one another. The more slaves meant more money. Crew member saw nothing but dollar signs when they looked at the slaves. Not men and women who deserve equal amount of respect as the crew. When it came to nutrition on the ship, there were some slaves who would rather starve themselves rather then eating . I guess they figured their lives could not get any worse so they decided to give up.

When I was doing my reaction paper for this topic, I automatically knew I wanted to do this for my subject report. I wanted to go deeper with this topic. I was just not sure how specific I could get with it, but I choose to narrow it down to the types of diseases that were spread on the slave ships. As I researched the diseases I realized how much pain these poor people when through. It has given me a different perspective on my own life and just how lucky I really am.

The ships were death traps to the slaves. They were on board for...

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""hell below deck"." Aug 15, 2018
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