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"Help Wanted: Someone to Watch Over Me"
Help Wanted: Someone to Watch Over Me
Asare Mabel
There she goes again, fluttering around the house like a beautiful butterfly. My father's

wife was the "Donna Reed" of wives. Wonder Woman would have cringed in fear by the very

presence of my father's wife. This woman was able to take care of her household in one single

bound. There were no limits to this wife's talents, abilities, and lastly, responsibilities. This all

powerful wife is my mother. As I look back, she was more like a busy little worker bee, tending

to all who needed her, while still being just as beautiful and graceful as a butterfly. Growing up in

this household, it seemed quite natural for mom to do everything for her precious family. She

wanted to be the perfect wife and mother. It seemed to bring her much joy when she was cooking,

cleaning, doing yard work or helping with homework, nursing us back to health when we were ill,

or just going grocery shopping. I have always wondered though, why she never brought us along

with her to the market? Of course, this viewpoint came from a small ignorant child. None the

less, mom was a natural and she excelled in everything she did for her family. I never heard her

complain about her workload, but I often wondered if she felt overloaded. Was her stress level to

the point of no return? Because the memories of my "super human" mother are so prevalent, I

was very intrigued when I read Judy Brady's essay about wanting a wife. I was even more

intrigued by her insinuation that everyone could benefit by having a wife. I find Brady's writing

techniques and her appeal to her audience makes for a very persuasive view point. However,

Brady seems to rely mostly on her first hand experiences, which might not be enough to persuade

her readers.

"I Want a Wife" is Judy Brady's attempt at persuading the men...

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essay on Help Wanted: Someone to Watch Over Me
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