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"History Essay"
History Essay
Carlos Hernandez
Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand's assassination sparked a chain of events that resulted in Britain declaring war on Germany, and the world erupting in World War One. This however, does not mean that war would not have happened without the assassination. The beginning of the twentieth century was a card house of peace built in a wind tunnel, one small breeze such as Gavrilo Princip was the cause in this scenario, but in any other it could have been a million other possible winds that would send this figurative card house to the ground. Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm the second was a whirlwind ready to do anything to beat Britain's Navy or gain ground in France. Europe's elements all Imperialist and driving themselves to have the greatest armies and technologies. A contorted alliance system would cause any of these possibly small currents to become storm fronts to the peace of the world.

Kaiser Wilhelm was a man with many ambitions, he desired a navy that could outdo Britain's, he disliked his family in other European countries and he had an Imperialist outlook on the world.

Britain like Germany felt that they should have the greatest power on the seas, they along with all of the other nations in Europe wanted to expand to collect more resources, land and power.

A sticky string of alliances joined the European nations together in a web that would force all of the countries to a bloody melee with one single military affair declared.

War was an inevitable happening for the world of the early twentieth century. Germany's Kaiser Wilhelm had issues with other nations that would unavoidably cause conflict, European countries wanted a war just as much for its nationalist reasons, and all of this would undoubtedly pull all the other powers in the area into war from the web...

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