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Sandeep Jador
Audience Analysis

I. Title: Respectable Resumes: Tips for Making your Resume Stand Out

II. Subject: How to create a great resume

III. General Purpose: To inform class about the importance of a decent resume and ways to upgrade any resume

IV. Specific Audience: The 12:00-1:15pm section of Com 314 consisting of

Professor Garrette and over 20 students

V. Analysis of Occasion:

a. Nature: Regular class meeting.

b. Prevailing rules: Each student is to give a 6-7 minute informative speech. A separate student will give a brief 1 minute introduction speech before each informative speech.

c. Precedents & consequences: Each speech will be performed on a set day.

Each class member is to critique one speech each day. The professor will

grade each speech.

c. Physical environment: The class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays in

Recetation Hall, room 227. The professor and the class sits in a semi-circle while the speaker stands in the front of the room.

VI. Analysis of Audience:

a. Composition:

- Every student is attends Purdue

- Almost every student is a senior

- Most of the class is from Indiana

- A couple of the students lived in Japan

- Most of the class is majoring in Communication

b. Beliefs, Attitudes, Values

- Psychological: The audience knows resumes are important but may not know how to go about creating a great one.

- Theoretical: All of the students know what resumes are

c. Attitude toward speaker: The audience should be confident that a solid resume is a great thing.

d. Attitude toward subject: The audience should realize that a decent resume can help you stand out and get ahead in life.

e. Attitude toward speech purpose: I would like my audience to know that making a great resume is helpful and doesn't require large amounts of time to make.

VII. Proposed Adaption to Audience & Occasion:

a. Introduce speech with why resumes are used.

b. Maintain audience's interest by informing them of how to improve...

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