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"Home Sweet Home"
Home Sweet Home
Jessica Linton
Many parents are deciding to homeschool their children because of the decline in quality of the public school system, the questionable morals of many citizens, and the freedom to control their son or daughter's curriculum.

In the past years the public school systems integrity has gone down considerately. Government funding for public school has been cut. This has led to an increase in students; however, a decrease in teachers. Schools are forced to terminate educators because lack of money. Therefore, fewer students are getting valuable one on one time stolen from them. Numerous pupils need this kind of attention to learn properly. Recently, more parents are realizing this, and decide to homeschool their children. Yet, this is not the only factor they consider when making their ultimate decision.

Another aspect they contemplate is the morals of the teachers, administrators, and classmates of their children. All considerate parents want their children to grow up to be honorable people in society, and many know this cannot happen unless their children are taught right from wrong. Most teachers do not think this is a SOL, so they do not enforce it like they would the memorization of the multiplication tables. On the other hand, if a parent were the head of the classroom they would instill values into their children while teaching.

Are morals they only things that parents get to teach differently then at a public school? No! When a parent makes the decision to homeschool they are given the opportunity to teach their children the curriculum that best fits their children. Not only does the parents get to choose what subject and the difficulty level of the material, but also gets the privilege of teaching it to their children at any time that is convenient. The parent now may try varying techniques for teaching...

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"Home Sweet Home." Aug 16, 2018
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