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"Honda 250X review"
Honda 250X review
Adriana Alvarez
Fire Breathing Honda 250X

The power is typical. An electric-like smooth four-stroke. You won't find any arm-jerking power spikes here. However, the 250X is quite powerful and deceptively fast. The throttle response is great. A simple blip of the throttle and tug on the handlebars and the 250X will wheelie in any gear. Clutch pull effort is minimal and the transmission shifts buttery smooth.

Hondas have always rated high in the rider comfort and ergonomics departments in that tradition. We felt very comfortable as soon as we climbed aboard the new X. The relationship between the footpegs, seat and handlebars felt perfect. The thumb throttle is comfortable and didn't cause the dreaded thumb cramp. Clutch pull is effortless and the electric start button and light switch are conveniently located on the handlebar within reach of the rider's left thumb. The carburetor-mounted choke lever is easy to find even with a gloved hand.

The new FourTrax is definitely a looker. The lines of the machine are stylish and racy. We didn't notice any problems with the fenders interfering with the riders movements. The plastic gas tank holds plenty of fuel.

The engine is powerful and reliable. The entire "package" is well thought out and is going to be hard to beat! Honda definitely did their homework on this one.


Chassis: Lightened Honda 250X (total weight 275lbs.)

Motor: Sparks Racing 410X (Redline 10,000RPM)

Bore: 86mm

Stroke: 12mm Stroker

Compression: 14.75 to 1

Porting: Sparks Racing

Head: Sparks Racing BIG valve

Piston: Sparks Racing 86mm

Rod: Sparks Racing H/D Rod

Crank: Sparks 12mm Stoker

Camshaft: Sparks X13

Ignition/Timing: Sparks Racing CDI Box/Sparks 6 Degree Advanced

Plugs: D9EA NGK, .18 For Alcohol

Carb: Sparks Racing Modified 36mm Mikuni

Pipe: Sparks Racing X-6

Fuel/Oil: Methanol/Motul 3100 Blend

Gearing: 15/32 W/22in Rear Tires

A-Arms: Lone Star Thin Wall-Chromed

Front Shocks: PEP Air Shocks

Swingarm: Lone Star Aero-Tube, +10

Rear Axle: Lone Star Alum Drag -4

Rear Shocks: PEP Race Shock

Builder: Last...

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