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"House Party Two Term Paper"
House Party Two Term Paper
Jason Cashmere
house party 2 and how it pertains to supervision in the hospitality industry

I chose the movie House Party Two to do my paper. I realize that this isn't exactly what you would do for a paper on supervision, but there is a scene in which it seemed perfect.

In this movie the plot was basically about a boy named Kid. Kid ends up getting a chance to go to college. His Church gives him the money for tuition and somehow it gets in the hands of his best friend named Play. Everything goes downhill from there. Play end up giving the check to a con artist for a record deal. Kid is the forced to get a job and work in the faculty dinning hall. The bogus part is kid still is technically not a student at the school yet.

This movie relates to our supervision class in many ways. One, Kid gets experience working in a running kitchen. Two, the head chef who runs things offers points of motivation and also uses the Carrot and Stick method. Three, Kid gets promoted by working his way up through the job. Finally, it showed me that you have to be careful who you hire because Kid was not exactly a trustworthy employee.

The first way this movie applies to our class is the kitchen itself. I have learned that to work in a kitchen is not an easy job. In the kitchen Kid worked in there where many activities were going on. For instance there were line cooks who were performing many duties. Each person in the kitchen was helping one another out. You could also tell there was a lot of organization. The produce was another thing I noticed. Now that as not very organized. There were potatoes all over. The produce was...

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