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"How does Milton "justify the ways of God to men" in Paradise Lost?"
How does Milton "justify the ways of God to men" in Paradise Lost?
Carmen hershman
The purpose of Paradise Lost by, John Milton, is to "justify the ways of God to men." Milton uses the Bible as evidence to support his claim and explain the natural understanding of life as it is seen by many people. He uses Satan and Adam and Eve's life journey to explain the ways of God.

To begin Paradise Lost, Milton tells of Satan's banishment from Heaven. He and his brigade have plotted war against God and are now doomed to billow in the fiery pits of hell. Milton says that one will "dwell in adamantine chains and penal fire" if he defies God. This is exactly what happened to Satan when he defied God and anyone who defies Him will have to suffer this torture.

Hell has "no light, but rather darkness served only to discover sights of woe." It is a "region of sorrow, doleful shades, where peace and rest can never dwell, hope never comes…but torture without end still urges." Hell is also described as a place of "lost happiness and lasting pain." Satan once lived in a place full of joy, happiness, and surrounded by pleasure but after his defiance of God he must live without the pleasure and live in the worst extremes. He is punished for his unfaithfulness just like those who forsake God will live.

Satan and the devils build Pandemonium in hell as a place to come together and discuss the war against God. They plan to take over the world and get revenge against God for his punishment. Their plan will have major repercussions. Milton explains that anyone who tries to rise up and rebel against God will be punished as Satan and the devils were.

God allowed Satan and the devils to make the choice that they wanted as stated in Book 1, "And...

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essay on How does Milton "justify the ways of God to men" in Paradise Lost?
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