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"How effective is international law in dealing with military conflist?"
How effective is international law in dealing with military conflist?
Jessica Linton
International law seeks to govern the interactions between nations or states, as they are known in the international sphere. International armed conflict exists when there are official military or paramilitary forces performing acts of war in apparent furtherance of their government's policy . The government or the government of any country against which the acts are being perpetrated must also acknowledge that armed conflict is taking place. The complexity of conflicts either helps or hinders the UN's efforts to employ their laws with treaties. Therefore, depending on the circumstances the effectiveness of international law can be jeopardised.

For international law to be successful, the UN must evaluate a country's situation before deciding the best action to take in helping to restore peace. On April 6, 1994, civil war broke out in Rwanda. The UN decided against entering the country to try and restore peace, instead, as the killing intensified, the international community deserted Rwanda. Western nations landed troops in Rwanda in the first week to evacuate their citizens, did so, and left. A UN mission was then created to keep the peace and assist the governmental transition in Rwanda, to intervene between the killers and civilians. It also tried to mediate between the RPF and the Rwandan army after the RPF struck from Rwanda to protect Tutsi and rescue their battalion encamped in Kigali as part of the Accord. On April 21, 1994, the United Nations Security Council, at the behest of the United States—which had no troops in Rwanda—Belgium, and others, voted to withdraw all but a remnant of UNAMIR. The Security Council took this vote and others concerning Rwanda even as the representative of the genocidal regime sat amongst them as a non-permanent member. After human rights, media, and diplomatic reports of the carnage mounted, the UN met and...

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"How effective is international law in dealing with military conflist?." Jul 17, 2018
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essay on How effective is international law in dealing with military conflist?
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