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"How I express my creativity"
How I express my creativity
Raymon Androckitis
Creative self expression is, above all things, an art; it allows a person to translate intangible feelings and emotions - the essence of their being—to something the world can see and, at best, understand. For me, expressing my creativity is executed in an array of behaviors, including singing and the arts, but most predominately, through writing.

My greatest love will always be the manipulation of the written word. As a 9-year old-child, I would often sit wide-eyed in the hallway with my girlfriend Leila during those precious increments of “free time”, penning elaborate short stories of Barbies, witches, and laughable relatives, our curious minds filled to the brim with elan and youthful enthusiasm. Writing was an outlet, a release - some otherworldly place that I was welcomed into; a place far transcending the mediocrity and unevenness of a seemingly prosaic life.

As a young teenager, I discovered the unbelievable relief that came with writing poetry. When my boyfriend, Alex, relentlessly broke my heart, I turned not to my parents, or deviant behavior, or even to tears, but rather, to the comfort and solace of my Ticonderoga #2 and crisp white sheets of fluttery heaven. It indeed was quite a prolific period, and looking back on it now, the ordeal itself seemed so inconsequential. But I know intrinsically that without the hours of scrawling raw, overly sentimental lyrics, my broken heart may never have mended.

Freshman English was an artistic category unto itself. On countless occasions we were to write poems, stories, essays, responses. The most memorable of assignments were the adaptation of the George Ella Lyon “I am from” poem and the essay on the Aeniad, where we had to assume the role of one of the characters. Both works were the recipients of meritorious praise, but more importantly, personal growth. The way...

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"How I express my creativity." Aug 18, 2018
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essay on How I express my creativity
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Hey!!! Write my essay on How I express my creativity
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