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"Human Cloning and Ethics"
Human Cloning and Ethics
Carlos Hernandez
Webster's dictionary defines ethics as, "the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation." With this moral duty and obligation, people are designed to take intelligence, and provide good usage to those things that will better life and the society around it. With all the technology of today, we have taken a beautiful thing in creation, and turned it into a mockery of sorts, by playing the role of the creator. With this, the process has begun; cloning humans is becoming a rising ethical conflict in the world today. It is left to those people who will be the leaders of tomorrow who will decide what is ethical and unethical.

Cloning is the creation of living matter such as a cell or an organism. The copies of these certain things are known as clones. Cloning began thousand of years ago in simple ways, such as a cutting of a plant and letting it root make another plant. Early farmers devised breeding techniques to reproduce plants with such characteristics as faster growth, larger seeds, or sweeter fruits.

The process of cloning humans has begun and through genetic and DNA reconstruction it is being made possible. Many people through the year believe that what if they were to create a clone by taking the DNA from an Adolph Hitler or a Napoleon, wouldn't this create a monster whose heart is sought out only to kill? No, this is wrong, just because the DNA is from that person, people must understand that the creation is given freewill such as the monster had in the book "Frankenstein." The monster was created through Victor. Victor ran from his creation and left the monster to tend to him self and to be raised in a society that only loves beautiful people. Society...

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