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"if i were a teacher"
if i were a teacher
Justin Rech
Learning with 'real-life' or 'lived' cases may be new to many students and somewhat confusing, likewise case tutors are rarely in full agreement as to the 'essentials of the case process' to be used. The ideal 'Calgary Case' is yet to be defined (or perhaps should not be) and this is not an attempt to do so. Rather, I have complied a collection of resources that overlay the 'Suggested Case Format' contained in the Master of Teaching Documents in order to clarify student responsibility and suggest a possible starting place for case work.

Aspects of Problem Based Learning are used in faculties of Law, Medicine, Management, Architecture and others with a professional body of knowledge to impart to novices. Cases are the primary focus of the methodology and include lived, real, practical, or possible scenarios of what the newcomer to the profession can expect. Having a bit of history on the origins and intention of the use of case and a suggested starting place for engaging in it will be detailed in this text. An educator would be incorrect to claim that a group of students sitting together and each doing their own worksheet, but sharing resources, were learning by the method of 'cooperative learning.' Likewise, some practices are PBL and some are not. Each instructor will have a different opinion of what the process of PBL should be and students are encouraged to

Problem Based Learning: A vehicle to teaching

For Students in the Master of Teaching Program seeking to become a Teacher through Problem Based Learning (PBL). This document is a work in progress and I welcome you to explore what it has to say about the Case Inquiry process.

Stephen L. Jeans

Division of Teacher Preparation, Faculty of Education, The University of Calgary

September 1999.


Learning with 'real-life' or 'lived' cases may be new...

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"if i were a teacher." Jun 24, 2018
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essay on if i were a teacher
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Hello!!! Write my report on if i were a teacher
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