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"Immigration 1860-1890"
Immigration 1860-1890
Jason Pinsky
The western Immigration to the United States from 1860 – 1890 was one of the largest population movement in U.S. history. Most of the immigrants came from the Western Europe countries. In this essay we will be discussing why immigrants migrated to the U.S., how they made the trip over, and what they found when they finally arrived here.

Immigrants came to the United States for many reasons. Most of them came here because of war or political reasons, such as the Germans who had the most immigrants from Western Europe. The Germans came over to the U.S. because of political reasons. The main political reason was because of the Prussian Wars. The Italians where another culture to emigrate to the U.S. during this time period. They also had some political unrest in their country.

Another reason why people emigrated to the United States was to be with family who already settled in America. For example Uncle Guiseppe came over on the boat, settled in, got a job, he would then go back and tell his family what a wonderful place the United States was. He would then come back with his brother who would work and save money to send his wife and children over. It was just a cycle of family and people pouring into this country. Immigrants where also very easy to persuade because of the hardships they endured in their home country. Unlike the immigrants that left because of hard times such as war, some had to be persuaded to come to the "New World." Immigrants were sometimes even hired by companies that recruited people to come to the United States. They would use terms like "the streets are paved with gold" to help persuade people to make the trip over. The immigrants would be so amazed hearing...

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