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"In what ways is Act III Scene ii one of the key scenes in Shakespeare's..."
In what ways is Act III Scene ii one of the key scenes in Shakespeare's play “Hamlet”?
Novelett Roberts
In Shakespeare's plays, there are many important scenes. In "Hamlet" one of the most important is Act III scene ii. This could be because it is a "key" scene in the fact that in unlocks a path for which the rest of the play will follow course. Or that it is a "key" scene because of its content, like the fact that it contains a play-within-a-play ect.

In my essay, I will discuss both of the point stated.

The main point of this scene is to see whether the Ghost seen in Act I Scene ii is telling the truth, or, if he is just an evil spirit, taking the form of Hamlet.

In this scene hamlet uses the play as a device with which to see if Claudius is guilty of murdering his father if not. He has the players act a scene like the ghosts account of how he was murdered. He and Horatio observe Claudius's reaction to the play and see if he reacts to it. We can tell that Hamlet thinks that he will react because he says:

"…I have heard that guilty creatures sitting at a play have by the very cunning

of the scene been struck to the sole, that presently they have proclaimed their maletacions"

but there are also many differences between the "play-within-the-play" and what hamlet is told by the Ghost. Hamlet cannot have the actors play out the exactly what was said, because or else Claudius will know that Hamlet knows that he murdered his own brother, and that Hamlet wants to kill him.

One of the differences is that the prisoner, Lucianus, is not actually the kings brother, nut his nephew. The prisoner also "woos the Queen with gifts"; this does not happen in the play. The Queen also seems harsh to the idea of marring again,...

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