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"Influence of the Federalist Papers on the Constitution"
Influence of the Federalist Papers on the Constitution
The Federalist papers were written and ratified in the years of 1787 to 1788. They were created mostly by two of the most influential men of the post-Revolution period. It helped the budding nation create a unified and agreeably strong central government: Alexander Hamilton, a Federalist who wrote fifty-six papers, and James Madison, a Democratic Republican who wrote twenty-one papers; John Jay also had a hand in the writing of five papers. Every paper was written under the pen name Publius. However, today it is known that it was these three men who were the genius behind the works. Hamilton and Madison diligently worked together to write these papers. As time went on, they divided into two different political parties and a strong rivalry ensued. Although their opposition surfaced during the second presidential term, their separate papers foreshadow their eventual contention. Through their papers it became evident that they interpreted the Constitution much differently. Either through loose construction in the form of a strong federal government or strict construction in the idea that states' rights should be the most important factor of the new national government. They also foresaw Hamilton and Madison's splitting disagreements.

Alexander Hamilton was a strong-willed Federalist, who had the genius necessary for becoming president. However, he was tragically killed by Aaron Burr in a duel. He was the most influential Federalist of his time and his National Debt still stands today. However, it has increased greatly since his time. Hamilton believed that the Constitution needed a loose construction or interpretation. This belief on the national government was evident in his Federalist writing. In paper No. 23, "The Necessity of a Government as Energetic as the One Proposed to the Preservation of the Union", he explains that there are principle purposes with which the national government was obligated...

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essay on Influence of the Federalist Papers on the Constitution
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