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"informative speech: acl recontruction"
informative speech: acl recontruction
Rainey Day
If you walk or run you are susceptible to serious knee injury. A mere twist of the knee to the left or right can result in the tear of the Ant. Cru. Lig. Or ACL. As said in a personal interview with [ dr. karazzi of kerlan and jobe medical clinic] this injury is very common among athletes that participate in football, soccer, and basketball . To inform you today, we will explore how the knee functions, how the ACL is damaged, and how it is repaired. -- In function the knee is quite simple. The knee is fundamentally a hinged joint much like the hinge of a door. It swings back and forth. The muscles of the thigh control its movement. It can also move about slightly in other directions as well. The knee can slightly bend from side to side, it can rotate, and also one bone can move forward or backward relative to the other bone. These movements are very slight and painless. Only when pushed to the extreme is when a problem occurs. The ACL acts as a stiff rubber band that holds bone to bone. The ACL is there to limit these movements and essentially holds the knee together by binding the femur to the tibia as regarded by [ ]. The ACL is positioned inside of the knee behind the knee cap. So with out the ACL the knee will essentially have no lateral or side to side stability allowing the femur and the tibia to slide side to side in relation to each other which may cause serious injury if the bones were to completely separate from each other. Although without an ACL it is possible to run or walk quite normally. -- When damaged there are various degrees of injury that...

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