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"Informative Speech- How to Change Your Own Oil"
Informative Speech- How to Change Your Own Oil
Chad Boger



Title: How to Change Your Own Oil

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience how to change their own oil cheap, safely and efficiently.

Central Idea: The three main things that are most important when changing your own oil are having the proper materials, following the correct procedures, and taking precautions for safety as well as knowing where to properly disposing of your used oil.

What would you do with an extra hundred dollars a year? I mean, I would probably go to Disney World or something, I don't know. But, having that extra bit of cash lying around is a great feeling. I am sure you're all wondering what it is I am trying to get you to buy into. Actually, I am here today to give you some friendly tips on how to change your own oil so you can tap into a few extra benefits of your own. Those wonderful cars of yours, need an oil change every three to four thousand miles, which ends up costing you a decent hunk of cash when you add up all those twenty to thirty dollar visits. A do-it-yourself oil change allows for the satisfaction of completing the job yourself, convenience, savings and the assurance that the job is done right. Contrary to what most may think, you can change your oil in less than a half an hour, and it can save you up to ten dollars each time. Another big concern is the mess, but with the right equipment and a rag or two handy, that won't be a problem. Today, I am going to break down for you how to change your own oil properly, by explaining the necessary materials needed, the basic procedures, as well as some precautionary measures and the correct way to dispose of your used oil.


I. Before...

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essay on Informative Speech- How to Change Your Own Oil
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Good day! Can you help me to write my essay on Informative Speech- How to Change Your Own Oil
Cool post if you ask me. Thank u a lot for sharing this inrfamotion. P.S. why don't you change the header?Well, at least to something like this mobile jamming website has.
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