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"is alcoholism hereditary?"
is alcoholism hereditary?
Quentina Green
What is alcoholism? It can be defined as a chronic, progressive, incurable disease, characterized by loss of control over alcohol and other sedative drugs. Also, alcohol is carving which is a need for more alcohol. Alcoholism has a generic basis but is not caused entirely by hereditary factors. Researchers theorized that the interaction of several genes, as well as environmental factors may influence whether a person will become an alcoholic later in life. It has been found that "a child with an alcoholic father or brother has a 25% chance of becoming an alcoholic, which is 5-8 times that of the general population, but grandparents should also be consider, said Royce". A study of twins done by a scientist Donald Goodwin, showed that "a larger percentage of identical twins were both alcoholic than fraternal twins". There also appeared to exist to a hereditary character towards the social problems associated with alcoholism (Kinney, Jean and Leaton, Gwen Loosening the Grip. St Louis: Times Mirror/Mosby college Publishing, 1987. In a study done on twins, it was found that if a twin was alcoholic, there was twice the likelihood of the identical twin also being an alcoholic than a fraternal (Royce, James Alcohol problems and Alcoholism. New York: The free press, 1981).

It may be okay to assume that a person surrounded by a social and economic conditions under which his father or mother or both became alcoholics might be susceptible than the average person. Evidence for a major gene for alcoholism is not found in most families in which alcoholism is common. Rather, evidence indicates that there are probably multiple genes and other possibly environmental factors that tend to increase or decrease the probability of becoming an alcoholic. A person with alcoholic relatives has a demonstrable higher risk of becoming alcoholic than a...

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"is alcoholism hereditary?." Jun 24, 2018
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essay on is alcoholism hereditary?
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Medicine / Alcoholism
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Good morning! Somebody help me with my paper on is alcoholism hereditary?!
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