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"Is the Moderate Consumption of Alcohol Beneficial to Human Health?"
Is the Moderate Consumption of Alcohol Beneficial to Human Health?
Margaret Rowden
Position Statement:

In recent years, alcohol has been reported as a beneficial addition to the everyday diet of Americans to assist in the prevention of heart disease. These reports and articles, siting recent studies conducted by acclaimed institutional facilities, often justify moderate drinking and misinterpret the information and research. It is true that certain types of alcohol have been proven to be beneficial to a selected type of individual and that heart disease was not as prevalent in these individuals who were consuming alcohol in moderation. However, alcohol as a whole is not beneficial to most individuals whom consume it and these studies fail to communicate that to the American public. This report intends to refute the popular notion that alcohol is beneficial or healthy for most individuals and will touch on the major points documented in defense of moderate alcohol consumption and present them in a manner which will shed light on the often misinterpreted subject.


I. Introduction

A. What is Alcohol

B. History of Alcohol

C. Different Types of Alcohol Consumption.

II. Is Alcohol Beneficial to Human Health?

A. Two Different Theories

1. Alcohol is Beneficial to Health

a. How?

b. To Whom?

2. Alcohol is Detrimental to Health

a. How?

b. To Whom?

III. Which Theory is Right?

A. What theory is Outshined?

1. The Bad Outweighs the Good

IV. Balancing out the benefits of Alcohol

A. Who Should Consume Alcohol for Beneficial Reasons?

1. Why?

B. Who Should Abstain From Alcohol Consumption?

2. Why?

V. Conclusion

In the modern world of today, many controversies over substances that can be beneficial or detrimental to human health exist. Common misconceptions combined with hasty publication of medical theories based on faulty or inconclusive research can often lead the nation into deluded health frenzies. One of the more recent frenzies has to do with alcohol and it's beneficial qualities. Alcohol (specifically ethanol or ethyl alcohol, EtOH, CH3CH2OH) is the most socially accepted and...

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"Is the Moderate Consumption of Alcohol Beneficial to Human Health?." Jun 24, 2018
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essay on Is the Moderate Consumption of Alcohol Beneficial to Human Health?
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Medicine / Alcoholism
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