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"Issues Surrounding Music Downloading"
Issues Surrounding Music Downloading
File sharing is what it is thought as, but I don't see it that way. I see it as theft, music theft, most commonly know as shafting. Every day people use shafting and think nothing of it. People sit in front of their computers and go to their favorite website and download file after file with out thinking how or where it comes from. They think it is just there for the taking and it is. What they don't realize is that it is messing over the people who worked so hard pouring out their heart and sole into their music for everyone to enjoy. They are the people who are responsible for the music. Not the people who work at Napster, or any of the other shafting music networks, whom are embezzling from the people we all admire for the way they can flow out those heartwarming words. The words that move us to the point that we want to cry, and sometimes do. The words that we listen to when we want to go off into our own little world, and think about an extraordinary moment we once had that makes our sorrows disappear. The words that remind us of a passed loved one who was once forgotten, and never to be again. They are the people who put their heart and sole into their music; They are the people we use so selfishly and don't even realize how much blood sweat and tears they shed just to put out quality words. They are the people we take for granted, and they are the people who some times take us, their fans, for granted as well, they are the artiest themselves. Shafting is a trend that has just begun, but only time will tell how far it will...

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"Issues Surrounding Music Downloading." May 26, 2018
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essay on Issues Surrounding Music Downloading
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