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"Issues Surrounding the Internet and Music Sharing"
Issues Surrounding the Internet and Music Sharing
The evolution of music in the 21st Century has set a precedence for the future music, as we know it. Inspired by a fire and passion that revs up the soul; music is the soundtrack to our lives. When we are happy we listen to music, when we are sad we listen to music. Music satisfies and spawns a plethora of emotions that are held bottled up with in us; some use music as a vehicle to express deep thoughts and emotions, others use it to just let off steam that is built from the stress that life brings about. Over time people began to realize that the music industry could deem to be quite lucrative and has become to be one of the most profitable industries in the entertainment field. However, with the rise in success comes the rise in problems. The 90's brought about an upsurge for the use of the super information highway formally known as the Internet. Through the Internet we have been able to do the unimaginable. However the freedom and total access that the Internet provides has created a problem with the recording industry. In the following paper I will attempt to dissect this issue by stating the facts and then my opinion and hopefully you will have a better understanding of the issue at hand.

Buyers, traders, and investors gather around as the opening of the market begins. A new hot commodity has people in a frenzy and sales are through the roof. Not even Allen Greenspan could predict the profitability of this new hot product. Although This may sound like a typical day at Wall Street, it's my pleasure to inform you that it isn't. This scene is taken from the usual day on college campuses worldwide. College students have been reaping from...

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"Issues Surrounding the Internet and Music Sharing." Sep 24, 2018
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essay on Issues Surrounding the Internet and Music Sharing
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