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"La Vegetariana Marketing plan"
La Vegetariana Marketing plan
Adriana Alvarez
The Vegetarian.

1. Introduction.

The Vegetarian is a restaurant that offers a type of food ovo - I suckle vegetarian, that it is food prepared on the basis of vegetables, cereals, lacteal and eggs, excluding the meats

The company was founded eighteen years ago by a local only one in the street Yí 1334, and since then he(she) has accompanied the trend of eaten frivolous(lewd) and healthy, and has offered quality and flavor in the type of nourishment that offers. Nowadays The Vegetarian possesses eight places.

The vegetarian diets are increasingly frequent in the times that run, already be to contribute(pay) with the care of some pathology, to anticipate(prepare) diseases, for aesthetics or for philosophical, spiritual reasons, etc.

In Uruguay, according to an investigation realized in 1999 by a group of nutricionistas as a whole with The Vegetarian, it thinks that seven per cent (7 %) of the population who resides in Montevideo In practically all the gastronomic places, from the big chains of supermarkets, up to the most unknown bar of any neighborhood, there exists some food that is vegetarian. The gastronomic autochthonous customs are being modified, up to the same grills they acquire so modern " salad bar " for possible vegetarian clients.

Though many gastronomic offers exist on the market, The Vegetarian offers the vegetarian, nourishing, varied and only option on having referred to the healthy, low food in fats and in cholesterol and in turn tasty and elaborated.

2. Description of the business.

It is a gastronomic service where it is possible to be going to eat, to take food or to ask for food to domicile, with a great variety of preparations without meats and extremely elaborated.

Another important difference that has opposite to other gastronomic offers, they are the deep controls of hygiene that do him to diary to all the vegetables, fruits,...

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