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"lando cunt cunts"
lando cunt cunts
Margaret Rowden
Chapter 11

Election of 1800-211,212- Jefferson won the election in a close tally. The Election of 1800 was revolutionary because of the peaceful and orderly transfer of power on the basis of an election whose results all parties accepted.

12th Amendment-211,212- Through a technicality in the 1800 election the presidential candidate and Burr, his vice presidential running mate received the same number of electoral votes for the presidency. Under the Constitution the tie could be broken only by the House of Representatives. The 12th amendment reconstructed this technicality.

"We are all Republicans we are all Federalists"- Was Jefferson's key statement in his inaugural speech in 1800 which meant that even though we are from separate political parties we are all still citizens of the U.S and overall we have the same goal of bettering the nation for years to come.

Hamiltonian System-194- Hamilton's plan was to shape the fiscal policies of the administration in such a way as to favor the wealthier groups, they in favor would lend the government monetary and moral support. Hamilton needed confidence from the people so we urged Congress to "fund" the entire national debt at par which was $54 million. Hamilton also wanted to shift the attachment of wealthy creditors from the states to the federal government, which would chain the states more tightly to the federalist cause. In order to get additional revenue Congress made an excise tax on domestic items notably whiskey. It was now 7 cents a gallon. Overall the Hamiltonian System was Hamilton's system to get the U.S out of debt.

Judiciary Act of 1801-216- The Judiciary Act of 1801 was one of the last laws passed by the Federalists. The Act created sixteen new federal judgeships and other judicial offices.

Midnight Appointments-216- President Adams remained at his desk until nine o'clock in the evening of...

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