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"Legalization and Useage of THC and Marijuana"
Legalization and Useage of THC and Marijuana
Gelinde Cobbs
Lately, cannabis use has been a highly controversial subject. Some talk about decriminalization, some are all for legalization, and others want harder laws altogether. Although there are currently laws prohibiting its use, cannabis still grows wild in many parts of the world. It is much like other plants such as the red poppy, a national Remembrance Day symbol, which is rich in a much more potent and dangerous drug, opium. Cannabis should be legalized. Its uses should be maximized, ranging from medical treatment, to responsible use and growing, though not trafficking. It could be regulated much the same as alcohol. After all, we are allowed to make our own beer, wine, and spirits in the confines of our own home. Marijuana should be the same.

Common to many prize roses and flowers cannabis has been grown and crossbred for about sixty years. The most important things when crossbreeding a cannabis plant with another cannabis plant for drug uses are: the size of the plant, the bud to leaf ratio, the yield, the taste, and the hardiness of the plant. The two main varieties of cannabis found in the world are Cannabis Sativa, and Cannabis Indica. The Cannabis Sativa plant is much the same as a small pine tree with light green foliage. It is native to Mexico, Columbia, Thailand, India, and Africa.

The second variety of the two plants is the Cannabis Indica. The Cannabis Indica is a smaller plant that has wide dark green foliage. The Indica is of the hashish variety and matures much quicker than a Cannabis Sativa. The Cannabis Indica is much hardier than the Cannabis Sativa and is indigenous to the high northern mountain ranges of the Afghani Hindu Kush, Pakistani Kara Korams, Russian Pamirs, and the Indian Himalayas.

There are two main stages in the life of...

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"Legalization and Useage of THC and Marijuana." Aug 20, 2018
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essay on Legalization and Useage of THC and Marijuana
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Medicine / Medical Marijuana
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