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"Litterary Award Reviewing online papers in computing and ethics"
Litterary Award Reviewing online papers in computing and ethics
Quentina Green

Introduction 2

Criteria 2

Allocation of Points 4

Reviews 4

Paper 1 4

Title: Virtuous Machines 4

Paper 2 6

Title: Putting 'hackers' to work on improving system security: 6

'sleeping with the enemy', or a vision of a new computer ethics? 6

Paper 3 7

Title: It takes more than ethics 7

Paper 4 9

Title: Information Ethics: eAI: Bearing Frankenstein's Children 9

Paper 5 11

Title: Information Ethics: Ethical Machines 11

Tribute 13

Appendix 1 14

Appendix 2 15

Appendix 3 16

Appendix 4 17

Appendix 5 18


The purpose of this paper is to review five literary works in the field of Ethics and Computers. These papers must be available from the internet and be post January 2001. Each work will be reviewed on its merit and a winner shall be chosen from these by the criteria stated below.


Quality of Authorship

It must be demonstrated that the author has sufficient experience and understanding to tackle the complex area of computing ethics. It is not enough in itself that an author is an academic although points will be allocated for this, there has to be a practical element also. It must be demonstrated that the author is or has held some position which would be beneficial to the claim that the paper is of substance, for example a post at a Faculty of a University or professional experience in the field with a recognised company.

Points will be awarded as follows:

Academic qualifications maximum of 5 points

Professional Experience maximum of 5 points

Total Available maximum of 10 Points

Ethical Analysis

The Author must conduct an ethical analysis, marks will be allocated on how well the author explores the ethical issues, and this may be with or without direct subscription to a classical ideology. Above all the paper must have argued comprehensively all of the ethical issues that the scenario holds; the analysis must be comprehensive and understandable.

Points will be awarded as follows:

Quality of...

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essay on Litterary Award Reviewing online papers in computing and ethics
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Hello, Please write my homework on Litterary Award Reviewing online papers in computing and ethics
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