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".Man .. Environment ...Pollution"
.Man .. Environment ...Pollution
Tricia F. Doyle


Department of Chemistry, College of Engineering, GITAM, Visakhapatnam ¡V 530 045

Andhra Pradesh, India.

Man is everywhere surrounded by a world of non-living materials and forces and a world of living forms that of plants and animals ¡V called the Biosphere. These two together constitute the natural environment. At the beginning somehow or other, man could make adaptations to it. Gradually there were sociological, cultural, scientific and technological developments and the natural environment got polluted and slowly started becoming detrimental and unfavorable for human health. Man is now trying to get acclimatized to these unfavorable conditions, which are a very slow process. Before the environment becomes fully unsuitable for human existence, the environment has to be modified and pollution controlled.

Modification of the environment and controlling or preventing pollution means assuring necessary favorable contacts and minimizing the unfavorable. Its problems are manifold and to their solution bring in the resources of many of the fundamental branches of science. Hence the approach should be on a multidisciplinary basis for its solution.

At the very foundation of this lie the Biological sciences, especially physiology and bacteriology. The Biologists and Medical Practitioners are to find out the living causatives of deceases in the biosphere, their behavior and find out preventive measures in addition to supplying information to Engineers, Technologists and Basic Scientists for its control. Living agents do not only pollute the environment but also by non-living matter, for which information is needed from Basic Sciences. Now the Engineering principles and Techniques based upon biological and scientific data are employed in the specialized field of control of the environment with those modifications and protective and preventive measures that have been found desirable for providing optimum conditions for health and well-being. So then it becomes obligatory for inclusion of environmental education in all...

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".Man .. Environment ...Pollution." Aug 15, 2018
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essay on .Man .. Environment ...Pollution
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