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"Marketing plan for PRC property"
Marketing plan for PRC property
Ryan Wilkins
Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary 1

2. Situation Analysis 1

2.1 Market Summary 1

2.1.1¡@Market Demographics 1

2.1.2¡@Market Supply 3

2.1.3¡@Market Demand 4

2.2 Product Analysis 5

2.2.1¡@Situation and Locality 5

2.2.2¡@Description 7

2.2.3¡@The Site 7

2.2.4¡@The Development Scheme 7

2.2.5¡@Accommodation 7

2.3 Product Offering 9

2.4 Competitive Analysis 9

2.5 Environmental Analysis 10

2.5.1¡@Economic Analysis 10

2.5.2¡@Legal Analysis 10

2.5.3¡@Political Analysis 11

2.5.4¡@Social Analysis 12

2.5.5¡@Technology Analysis 12

2.6 SWOT Analysis 13

2.6.1¡@Strengths 13

2.6.2¡@Weaknesses 14

2.6.3¡@Opportunities 14

2.6.4¡@Threats 14

3. Marketing Strategy 15

3.1 Marketing Objectives 15

3.2 Financial Objectives 15

3.3 Target Markets 15

3.3.1¡@Demographic 15

3.3.2¡@Behavior 15

3.3.3¡@Psychographics 16

3.4 Positioning 16

3.5 Strategies 16

3.6 Marketing Mix 18

3.6.1 Product 18

3.6.2 Pricing 19

3.6.3 Placing 19

3.6.4 Promotion 19

4. Financials 20

4.1 Break-even Analysis 20

4.2 Revenue Forecast 20

4.3 Cost Forecast 23

4.4 Project Overview 24

5. Controls 24

5.1 Implementation 24

5.2 Marketing Organization 26

6. Appendix 27

6.1 External View of the Building 27

6.2 Elevation Plan of the Building 28

6.3 Weekly Sales and Receivable Summary 29

7. References 35

1. Executive Summary

Due to the completion of two highly successful property projects in Beijing, namely Investment Plaza in Finance Street and Palace Apartment in Chaoyang District, Chun Sing Group Company Limited commences its development of International E-Trade Tower ¡]¥_¨Ê¸U¨¹¬ì¶T¤j·H¡^in Yabao Road of Chaoyang District.

The market research indicates a specific and growing need in the area of commercial and office units in the area. In view of the unique market situation in this region, the office units of have been well received by the market, even though the building is scheduled to be completed by end of 2002. As at the end of 15th November 2001, about 60% of the office units have been pre-sold to the local traders and state-owned import/export companies with official pre-sale contract signed and prepayment paid.

The marketing objective is to increase awareness and image, actively support steady sales and profitability through effective implementation of the strategy.

2. Situation Analysis

2.1 Market Summary

We possess good information about our market and know a great deal about the common attributes of out...

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