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"Mc Donald’s Company Profile"
Mc Donald’s Company Profile

Mc Donald's is one of the most well known franchisings of fast food restaurants.

The first Mc Donald's restaurant was opened in California by two brothers Dick and

Mack Mc Donald's. The main activity now of this fast food restaurants is the leading

global food service reailer with more than 35,000 local restaurants, serving nearly 70

million people in more than 121 countries, including Greece, each day.

Mc Donald's in Greece opened its first resturant in 1991 at the Centre of Sintagma

Square in Athens. The franchisings were started in 1954, by Raymond Albert Kroc, a

salesman. At the first years of the company,Ray Kroc made very little investments in

order to to increase the capital of the company for the new future investments. He was

more concentrated in making a lot of profits and less investment but today this

bussiness has enlarged very much.

Today Mc Donald's is one of the world's most well known and valuable brands and

holds a leading share in the globally branded quick eating- out. Some of favourite

foods that Mc Donald's serves are such as Big Mac, Egg Mc Muffin, Chicken Mc

Nuggets, Happy Meal, Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers. Also here in Greece are

served some special food for the Greek customers such as Mediterranean Salad, Greek

Chicken etc. In order to adapt theGreek culture.

Map of Mc Donald's restaurants


Planning is crucial for a company since it helps the company to identify or select the goals of the company and the course of action that are needed. Administrative in Greece has set different short and long-term goals and objectives. The goal is not "growth for growth's sake" but systematic and balanced expansion of McDonald's based upon the actual requirements of the Greek consumer.

So some of the short- term objectives are:

To reasonably price the excellent food and to serve fresh and hot, quickly and precisely in a clean friendly environment.


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