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"Modern Forms of Discrimination"
Modern Forms of Discrimination
Who says discrimination doesn't exist in present day? Newspapers, television, and people all around us are methods of seeing that discrimination occurs everyday of our lives. There might be those people who say that it is extinct, but then again, do they come in contact with people outside their own race? Discrimination is something that is here with is for as long as we live. It's an issue too large to control. For one reason, people were created on this earth, no one the same, everyone different, why? Who wants to live a perfect life, life was meant to be exciting, interesting, challenging, and many other things that you want it to be, but a life isn't complete without problems. Therefore discrimination is something that will happen and always be present.

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Throughout my life I have either read books, or heard something about the history of discrimination and how it was in the past. I think to myself and realize that many things have changed, but not everything. Imagine myself (a dark-skinned Hispanic) walking down the street in the city of New York. I think I'm going to feel all right, seeing and interacting with people of my color and race. This time, Imagine myself (remember, a dark-skinned Hispanic) walking down the city streets of Oklahoma for the first time ever. Sure, I get funny looks from the people walking beside me and around me, but why? Just because I look different! Things like this happen everyday not just to me but to white people in Alabama, or black people in Nashville. If you are different, you will get discriminated against. Be it looks, actions, or verbal confrontations, discrimination still exists. If we were perfect we wouldn't have...

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"Modern Forms of Discrimination." Sep 24, 2018
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essay on Modern Forms of Discrimination
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