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"mollucicidal effects of kamias"
mollucicidal effects of kamias
Amy Hetzel

The golden snail (Pomacea canaliculata) was introduced intentionally in Asia in 1980 with the expectation that it could be cultivated as a high-protein food source for local consumption and as an export commodity for high-income countries. The taste was however not accepted by the masses and so the project was exterminated. Due to improper disposal, it invaded Philippine rice systems, where it dispersed through extensive irrigation networks. The golden snail feeds voraciously on young rice seedlings. This paper analyzes the molluscicidal effect of kamias leaf extract. The main purpose of the production of such pesticide is to create low-costing and efficient pesticides especially because our country is agricultural based. For more than a decade now, these snails have affected the country's rice harvests by up to 60% loss. The project produces an efficient pesticede, efficient in terms of low-costing and effectively eliminates such pests. So, here comes our Kamias leaf extract, a very economical and cheap pesticide and very abundant in the Philippines, Natural and non-toxic to the environment. The kamias leaf extract pesticide could be the revolutionary product of the country in agricultural innovation.

Table of Contents


Background of the study 05

Statement of the problem 08

Hypothesis 09

Objectives 10

Significance 11

Scope and limitations of the Study 12

Inclusive Dates and Places 13

Definition of terms 14

Survey of related Literature and Studies 15


Materials 21

Procedure 21

Data and Results

Tables 24

Analysis of Data 27

Conclusion 28

Recommendations 29

Bibliography 30

Acknowledgements 32

I. Introduction

Background of the Study

The golden snail is indigenous to South America and was first introduced into Asia in 1979-1980. It was introduced intentionally to the region with the expectation that it could be cultivated as a high-protein food source for domestic consumption and as an export commodity for industrialized countries, where there has long been a cultivated taste for escargot. One of the most alluring features of the snail entrepreneurs –...

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