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"Music Televison, MTV, and American Society"
Music Televison, MTV, and American Society
In today's society young people have many different role models, some of which are said to be controversial. MTV is one of the leading networks for music television, and some believe that it often portrays negative influences towards today's youth. MTV videos do not necessarily portray negative social influences towards our young population, the effects of which would be argued to lead to more negative anti social behavior.

Critics call Eminem a controversial rapper because of his "crude" lyrics, which portray hateful lyrics [words] towards gays, women, and pretty much anyone and everyone who [he has deemed bad?] has angered him. Music is a form of art and it is a way to express yourself [oneself], and [the rest of this sentence isn't needed] in the United States we have the freedom of speech. Eminem's lyrics seem to portray how he feels about certain topics and idea's [ideas], but I highly doubt that he feels he would carry them [those ideas] out. The song titled "Kim" is about killing his wife, and obviously [however] his wife is still alive. The word "faggot" is tossed around in many songs [such as…], but he hasn't been arrested for killing anyone because they are gay. Music is a way to express yourself [oneself], and I am sure [get rid of I am sure, say something like, it is certain that…] everyone has thought at one time or another of hurting someone that has pissed them off [upset them]. But each one of us [person] makes a choice to carry out that action or not. Eminem himself states in his song "Criminal" that ["that" not needed] "people think that a lot of the things I say on record, I do in real life, and that I believe in it, if I say that I am...

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"Music Televison, MTV, and American Society." Aug 19, 2018
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essay on Music Televison, MTV, and American Society
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