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"My Favorite Type of Music"
My Favorite Type of Music
Carlos Hernandez
There are many different types of music out there; jazz, rap, classical, rock, r&b, and many more. My favorite type of music is rap, not because it is presently very popular in the media, but because of the art and devotion that is put in to it.
When I speak of rap, I am not talking about "my bitches and my hoes". I am speaking of other types of rap. Such as Tupac or Nas. They put many different meanings about life and the world. Nas even has a song dedicated to the children of America called "I can". This song brings a positive message with rap.

Another reason I also like rap very much is because of the flow of the music. The flow of this type of music comes very naturally and with wonderful beats. Unlike classical music which one must study for very long.

If i could change one thing about rap, it would be the bad reputation it has. When people think rap they think gangs and violence, but that is not true in many many cases. I know many many people that listen to rap and they are extremely smart.

This is why my favorite type of music is rap, because I believe in the rappers that are devoted to the art have exceptional minds.

As Tupac said "I'm not saying that I'm going to change the world, but I guarantee you that I will spark the mind of the person who will."...

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essay on My Favorite Type of Music
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Hello! I need help with an essay "My Favorite Type of Music"
Hello! I need help with an essay "My kind of Music"
your essay not tooooooooo bad but you should develop your vocabulary and learn some world combinations. In whole you write very WELL !
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