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"My two Brothers"
My two Brothers
William Katz
Children in most families have quite a few similarities and differences.Whether it

be music, or movies, food, or friends each has what they like. Siblings can also have a

lot in common though, especially those who are close in age. My two brothers Clifford

and Christopher are pretty much exactly like this. They are both 31 and 30 years old

respectively. Their similarities in some aspects are uncanny, but their differences can be

at totally different ends of the spectrum.

Their similarities start with entertainment. they are both very eclectic in their

choices of music. If you play a cd they've burned you're liable to hear everything from

country to punk rock. If you compared their cd albums you would see the same artists

names quite a few times. This is also true about movies. one will buy a movie and let the

other one barrow it and less than a week later you'll see the same movie on his shelf. The

similarities don't stop there though they follow them into the workplace and into the home.

They both work in similar fields in the comparison that both are manual labor. Cliff is an

electrician and Chris lays floors and carpet. Coincidentally they both live and work in the

same town also. That town is Raymore Missouri. In automobiles their style is also very

close, they both drive Dodge Ram pickup trucks. The similarities that mean the most to

me though,and they might not even know they have this in common, is that they both love

to give me advice about everything. Their advice would pry have to go into my difference

paragraphs. They are both always heartfelt and genuinely caring in the advice they give

me. My life has been made a lot easier with some of the advice they have given me.

Now there are many differences between the two of them. Physically Clifford is tall

about 6"2' and...

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