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"Narrative Essay On Artistic Inspiration"
Narrative Essay On Artistic Inspiration
Adriana Alvarez
No matter the discipline, artists find inspiration in a variety of ways. An artists imagination and emotional state play a vital role in the creative process. Artists also use their environment and religious influences to inspire new creations. Finally, one may be forcibly inspired by artistic patronage.

An artists imagination makes an impact on their work. New, unknown images, words, and sounds are formed to create unique masterpieces. Similarly, ones emotional and mental state can pay a pivotal role. For example, Pablo Picasso was known to have dramatic mood changes, swinging from extreme highs to extreme lows. This disorder influenced his rose and blue periods.

An artists environment also contributes to their art. For example a musician or painter may write or paint about things that are native to their surroundings such as an event or seasons.

Religious standings often played a major role for artists, especially in medieval times. The church ruled and artists made sacred music and art which would be used in religious services.

Finally, an artists may be inspired because they are paid to. The patronage system was very popular, especially in the Renaissance and Classicism eras. Often the church or a wealthy family would hire a musician or painter to be at their disposal. A well known story of a commissioned artist was that of Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo was hired to paint a married woman, later identified as the Mona Lisa. After painting her picture it was said that da Vinci loved it so much that he often carried it around with him. Although da Vinci was not personally inspired to paint her picture, it remains one of his most famous pieces of artwork....

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